Thursday, January 12, 2012

Summer on My Mind...

I am ready for the summer.  Ok so we have a little bit, but I figured I would get a jump start on getting ready for warmer weather.  I put together an article with helpful ideas for getting your backyard, patio, pool, whatever you have, ready!

Getting ready for summer can mean more than just purchasing a new swimsuit and stocking up on sunscreen. Prepping your outdoor patio for the summer months will create an inviting space that’s perfect for a bit of sun bathing and entertaining with guests. Using color and adding convenient entertaining accessories are a few easy, inexpensive steps that will have your outdoor space primed and ready for a bit of summer fun.

Furniture in an outdoor space is just as important as the furniture is to any room inside the home. Patio and deck furniture has come a long way, and it’s possible to find durable, attractive pieces meant for the outside. Make sure to choose a pretty table to place on the patio, so that you can enjoy the summer weather and eat outdoors.
Remember to place a few lounge chairs by the dining area, so that friends and family can spread out and get some sun in the summer. Dress up the lounge chairs with pillows and coverings in bright, punchy colors, like tangerine or spring green. Color is a perfect way to add a breath of fresh air to your outdoor space for summer. Hot pink, corals and sky blue can be used in accessories, like place mats or ice buckets for the table.

A grilling station is an ideal complement for the dining and lounge space you’ve created. While a grill is a convenient way to cook outdoors in the warm months, not all grills are incredibly attractive. Dress yours up with a few grilling accessories, like silver grill tools or a few pretty platters in bright colors. 
Pay attention to your greenery. Plants and flowers are obviously an important part of an outdoor space, but some alterations can be made to existing pants to update them for summer. Use colorful posies and blooms to add a new feel to the plant beds. 

If you live in an area where temperatures drop once the sun goes down, a cozy fire pit is a welcome addition to an outdoor space. These fire pits can be purchased at a home goods store and come in different materials, like stone or metal. Or, you can make your own using garden bricks circled around a ceramic tile. Light your fire pit with coals or collected branches from the outdoors. Use the pit when guests are over to roast hot dogs or make s’mores.

Don’t forget candle light to go with your fire pit. Use citrus candles with a sweet smell when entertaining outdoors. Also, look for candles designed to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. You can use tiki torches around the lawn to create light when it gets dark out. Or, use small twinkle lights strung up to create a pretty glow. You can also purchase paper lanterns and hang them from the trees to get a festive vibe going for your outdoor space.

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