Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE 2012

Not sure how everyone feels about NYE, but for me it is a continuation of celebrating with friends and family.  It is after this that the winter blues start to kick in.  But this year, my roommates and I decided to have a party. We had a blast browsing on Pinterest for decor ideas and recipes.  We went with gold, silver and black:

                                            Tasteful glittery ornaments and candles to match

                     We made a great champagne punch with strawberries, forgot a picture though:(

 The pictures don't do it justice, with the city lights in the windows the silver and gold glistened!

                We took off all of the other decorations that were not in our color scheme, nice right?

The party went great, but I am now realizing the holidays took a toll on me, hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!  


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