Monday, March 19, 2012

New House, New Home, New Life

I am a guest blogger over at Please come check out my post, and this awesome blog.  You can find great inspiration for just about EVERYTHING.  Heather has great ideas:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring/Summertime Activities

With the warm weather giving us a hint of Spring, I decided to talk about all of my favorite activities to do in the warm weather. If you are sick of your old routine, or want to try something new take a look and maybe you'll find something that appeals to you!

Go to the Beach: The summer is not the only time families can visit the beach. In fact, families might find that winter trips to the beach can result in a different kind of fun since the beaches are so empty. However, the best time to enjoy the beach fully is during the spring/summer. Swim or have a picnic, collect shells, collect rocks and go home tired and satisfied. 

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Go Hiking: A great way to get exercise, enjoy the weather and stay out of direct sunlight is to go hiking in the woods. Take the family or dog or whoever to a forested park or just a forest where they can make their way through the trees without the use of paths.
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Go on a Bike Ride: Some areas are better suited for bike riding than for walking. Be sure to find an area that is suited to your biking needs. If you are up for a challenge, hit the trails in the woods, if not then stick to sidewalks and parkways!
Me and my cousin, she was not happy about the photo:)

Kite Flying: The spring/summer is the perfect time for having a kite-flying picnic. The trick is finding the best place in the area for kite flying. Search for a field, preferably on a hill. If the hill is near the ocean, that is even better. There tends to be a steady breeze near the ocean. If not, any hill on an even mildly windy day will do fine. Pack a picnic and some kites then let the fun begin!

Whether you are spending time at the beach or time in the backyard, keep a camera ready for those candid moments. Those memories will be great to share with family and friends. They will also serve as a reminder of the fun the family had as everyone starts to get older.

Whatever you choose to do ENJOY! Have fun with the people you are with:)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring into Fashion

Normally I will blog about interior design and DIY BUT since today is just too nice of a day to ignore I decided to take a closer look at the clothing trends that will be appearing.  After all I will be shopping soon, and thought it might be nice to know what to look for, here is what I found:

Fashion houses are offering a return to fabrics with comfort in mind. There are several hot colors to watch for in the spring and summer collections. These colors range from the classic look of black and white to soft pastels like orchids, pale daffodil yellows and tropical limes. One other prominent color for spring and summer is flame red parlayed with bright white in an almost nautical theme.

Clothing Designs - Spring 2012
A return of 70's styles updated for today is something to key an eye open for. Fabrics in fashion collections tend toward linen, lightweight cottons and a faux-fabric known as "peach skin". Pattern designs include many tops, dresses and jackets with draping added.

 From Forever 21                                                                   From H&M

Ensemble Patterns To Compliment All Size Ranges
Patterns for spring and summer offer styles and cuts that can be worn in a broad size range to compliment any figure. Business wear has changed radically over the past few decades and the trend leans toward suits in black, navy, white and pastel colors that brighten the business look. Accessories like simple pieces of jewelry, scarves or fabric flowers in contrasting colors complete the business suit. Many of these suits can be worn for after six dinners since the fabrics offer comfort as well as fashion.

From H & M
Hats, Shoes And Gloves - The Perfect Spring And Summer Accessories
Other additions to the spring and summer wardrobe this season are hats, colorful shoes and gloves. Nothing adds charm to a gauzy floral spring dress than a wide-brimmed hat and wrist-length white gloves. This is the feminine look that is hot for late spring and early summer. Navy and lime with touches of white, strawberry pink, pale lime and hints of orchid or coral and pomegranate work well in a simple sheath in an A-line styled pattern. Add a floral scarf in a coordinating color and the ensemble is upscale "fashionista". 
 Both from Forever 21

Fabrics That Speak The Language Of Fashion
In many high fashion collections for 2012 for spring and summer, fabrics play a significant role. Fabrics are lightweight. Yet, they don't compromise on variation. Look for crepe and chiffon fabrics to offer a crinkled or embossed texture. Cotton fabrics will have a certain shimmer to catch the eye and linens will be offered in stylishly woven textures. These fabrics speak the language of spring and summer fashion for 2012.

 From Victoria's Secret



Saturday, March 3, 2012

St. Patrick's Month

Alright, I know it is only St. Patrick's Day, but being the Irish lassie that I am, I choose to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG, well at least from 3/1-3/17.  Honestly after that I start to get a bit fed up with all of the green and shamrocks.  These are my new favorites for St. Patrick's Month decor and the party I will be hosting:)

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 Tasteful glass candle holders with a hint of green split peas.  So easy and festive!

                                               Photo courtesy of

Who doesn't want a candy bar?! Incorporating different greens and textures will enhance the look of the bar or table.
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Flowers are always a safe bet.  Add some greenery, or white and green Hydrangeas giving the room a fresh and elegant look. 

Enjoy this fun month!