Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring/Summertime Activities

With the warm weather giving us a hint of Spring, I decided to talk about all of my favorite activities to do in the warm weather. If you are sick of your old routine, or want to try something new take a look and maybe you'll find something that appeals to you!

Go to the Beach: The summer is not the only time families can visit the beach. In fact, families might find that winter trips to the beach can result in a different kind of fun since the beaches are so empty. However, the best time to enjoy the beach fully is during the spring/summer. Swim or have a picnic, collect shells, collect rocks and go home tired and satisfied. 

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Go Hiking: A great way to get exercise, enjoy the weather and stay out of direct sunlight is to go hiking in the woods. Take the family or dog or whoever to a forested park or just a forest where they can make their way through the trees without the use of paths.
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Go on a Bike Ride: Some areas are better suited for bike riding than for walking. Be sure to find an area that is suited to your biking needs. If you are up for a challenge, hit the trails in the woods, if not then stick to sidewalks and parkways!
Me and my cousin, she was not happy about the photo:)

Kite Flying: The spring/summer is the perfect time for having a kite-flying picnic. The trick is finding the best place in the area for kite flying. Search for a field, preferably on a hill. If the hill is near the ocean, that is even better. There tends to be a steady breeze near the ocean. If not, any hill on an even mildly windy day will do fine. Pack a picnic and some kites then let the fun begin!

Whether you are spending time at the beach or time in the backyard, keep a camera ready for those candid moments. Those memories will be great to share with family and friends. They will also serve as a reminder of the fun the family had as everyone starts to get older.

Whatever you choose to do ENJOY! Have fun with the people you are with:)


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