Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's all About Being Cozy

Cozy is a feeling you get when comfortable items and situations surround you.  Comfortable is what soothes, consoles or relaxes you.  A cozy environment is organized and free of clutter and stress. I am all about the cozy, try these tips to make your house a bit more "home-y"

Alleviate stress

Frustration occurs when you can’t find something you need because it is buried beneath clutter or it is not in its designated place.  Removing clutter can reduce this stress. Each room in your home should contain only what is either useful or meaningful; anything else tends to get in the way.  Being organized is another key to alleviating stress.  Whatever isn’t being used should be in its designated location.
Make the family room a haven

Most likely, the family room or great room is the center of your living space, where everyone gathers for relaxation or entertainment.  Fill it with whatever interests your family, but don't go overboard. Bookshelves are more attractive when trophies or collectibles are interspersed among interesting books.  Display photos and items you cherish where you can enjoy them.  Place lamps where they give readers ample lighting.  Play music that suits your moods.  Arrange comfortable seating with handy snack tables for good viewing of the television.  The game table and chairs should be at an appropriate height for all players.
Dedicate the home office for business or study
If possible, use the home office only for business or study.  Organize all supplies and files so they are within easy reach, but keep the desktop free of clutter.  Baskets and bins look nice and work well.  Hide computer wiring with plastic tubing.  Set up an orderly filing system with labeled folders and purge it regularly. 

Make the kitchen appealing and efficient
Bright, cheerful colors make the kitchen a happy place where the family can gather to share their meals.  Using shatterproof dinnerware can reduce the fear of breakage and injury, especially for families with small children.  Fabrics and dinnerware with coordinated patterns are more appealing than mismatched ones.  Above all, the kitchen must be clean and organized.  Create an appetizing aroma by using air fresheners and sanitizers.  Choose a pleasant scent to cover any objectionable odors.  
Pick décor that suits your personality and style
Room furnishings and fabrics should wear well and feel good.  Paint the walls with soothing colors that appeal to you.  Earth tones provide a feeling of warmth.  Lean toward cooler shades for summer and warmer ones when it’s cold outside.  Look through current magazines to find what is in fashion, and then pick the styles and themes that you like.  Select furnishings and accessories accordingly.  Surround yourself with whatever appeals to your senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.  When you are happy in your surroundings, you've made your come cozy.


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